Brasstown Bald or “Etonah” (360 degree vision), the highest point in the state of Georgia
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 Stimulus Recovery Initiative

A Georgia and National Strategy
in partnership with
Public Policy Leader Al Bartell


a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength

the act or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost

business cycle characterized by sustained period of improving business activity 

Major Governmental Stakeholders:
US Congress Joint Economic Committee
US Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee
Federal Reserve Bank
US Treasury
Small Business Administration
Center for Disease Control
Georgia Regional Planning Commissions (12)
Georgia Metropolitan Planning Organizations (17)

Other Major Stakeholders: Urban, Suburban, Rural Stakeholders 

Major Actions:

+Define the Stimulus Recovery Initiative strategy

+Manage the Stimulus Recovery Initiative strategy

+Utilize a comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Strategy in both defining and managing the Stimulus Recovery Initiative strategy inside the Five Year Recovery Plan

Defining The Strategy
Public Health Component:
   Mental Stability
   Physical Stability

Economic Health Component
   Business Stability
   Organization Stability 

Managing The Strategy
Federal Accountability
   Public Sector Networks
   Private Sector Networks

State Accountability
   Public Initiatives
   Private Initiatives

County Accountability
   Public Programs
   Private Programs

City Accountability
   Public Projects
   Private Projects   

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Learn how Stakeholder engagement Will be utilized to define and manage the stimulus recovery initiative

Stakeholder engagement strategy

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